To ensure the quality of the products and meet strict polluted water discharge limits, some industries may require specific water (pre)treatment. Moreover the quality of water used for technological processes will affect the lifetime and performance of the equipment itself.

Yaquatec offers a variety of technological solutions and customized products to help you to ensure the water quality required in your technological production processes, as well as wastewater treatment, allowing to meet the strictest discharge limits.

Our services

Together with specified products and technologies, we offer a full package of services. We consult and perform feasibility studies, laboratory and industrial tests, select the most suitable technology and implement it in practice. This comprises full action sequence when building the reactors, installing them and performing maintenance.

In short, we help our private, industrial or public clients to solve their individual problems and meet the requirements in a field of water treatment and purification. All the decisions follow quality management requirements.

HAOP Hybrid advanced oxidation process

Conventional water and wastewater treatment technologies are capable to remove majority of the easy biodegradable organic pollutants, nitrogen and phosphoruss. However certain wastewater streams may contain bio-refractory and toxic compounds, such as pharmaceutical residuals, antibiotics, pesticides or phthalates that cannot be effectively removed in conventional waste-water treatment installations, therefore these recalcitrant compounds still remain in water and enter open water bodies.

Hybrid advanced oxidation processes (HAOP) show high potential for the degradation of stable and recalcitrant organic compounds.

This is an alternative to the conventional wastewater treatment technologies, therofore (HAOP) and innovative biological wastewater treatment processes are being developed in Yaquatec research laboratory.

Scientific intelligence

Our team uses international scientific expertise to analyse individual case and find the most effective solution for your inquiry.

Our aim is to

Listen carefully and understand your needs;
Collect and analyse data;
Make necessary tests and studies using our laboratory;
Calculate the efficiency and economic benefits;
Offer the necessary technologies;
Present an implementation plan;
Develope and install equipment;
Provide support and maintainance if required;
Find an optimal solution;


Have you ever wondered how the future of urban life looks like?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “Smart Cities” and sustainable development. This is the key priority in fast growing societies. The concept of “Smart Cities” covers the implementation of measures to improve transportation, accessibility, social services and promote sustainability in most of the areas of urban life.

Yaquatec team also helps to project the sustainable future. Together with our European partners, we create and develop advanced water purification and treatment prototypes which allows to achieve required discharge levels of the pollutants and reuse treated water back in the “Smart Cities” recirculation system.

The application of technologies we create, will allow both areas urban and industry to:

Recover and optimize resources;
Reduce energy consumption;
Reduce operational costs;
Reduce impact for the environment;
Implement circular economy principles;


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