Specialised tanks and reactors

According to chemically resistant containers are manufactured for special needs, which made of stainless steel, thermoplastic, polypropylene or other alternative materials. The tanks are resistant to mechanical and chemical effects and temperature fluctuations. Custom we can install flange connections, inspection hatches, fluid outlet valves. The tanks produced can be used for the production of reactors and bioreactors, storage of chemicals or disinfected water.

Stainless steel tanks are often used for food, chemical, medical, sewage treatment, in the water treatment industry. The use of plastic containers is acceptable in the chemical, petroleum, paper, fuel manufacturing industries. The company provides a wide range range of different types, configurations and according to customer need both both plastic and stainless steel tanks (bioreactors, rectangular tanks, tanks for the chemical industry, tanks for fisheries and agriculture, tanks from electrostatic plastics, sewage treatment tanks, industrial tanks, buffer tanks, aeration tanks, grease traps, mixing tanks medical, comedy, food industry, drinking water tank, air filtration tanks, and other types of tanks). As well as company knowledge and experience of engineers allow to design and manufacture specialized reactors of various types for food, pharmaceutical, medical, water and wastewater treatment, and other industries). Disinfection systems - Companies technologists, engineers and automation engineers allows to design and manufacture of ozonation based disinfection systems that are used in various industries (such as poultry or other carcasses) establishments need to disinfect raw meat for regulatory purposes ensure the level of biological contamination in accordance with legal regulation.