UV desifection

One of the production methodsused in water disinfection. In some cases, the use of ozoneis undesirable due to its activity, and the presence of organic matterin water, degradability. In this case, using ultraviolet radiation ensures an extremely high level of microbiological contamination efficiency (99.9%) without changing other water properties. Developed in the company flowable UV disinfection equipment for water flow disinfection.Important to emphasize the possibilities of application - the final treatment of treated wastewater disinfection, instantneous water disinfection of pools and ponds. These Devices are quickly installed on site, they require minimal service.

Pulp and paper industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Oil industry
Textile industry
Municipal water supply
Chemical industry
Electric supply
Metallurgic industry
Electronics industry
Fertilizer industry
Glass-making industry
Agriculture industry
Fish farms
Plastics industry
Rubber industry
Wood industry
Cosmetics industry
Meat processing industry
Furniture industry
Dyestuffs industry
Dairy industry
Flow rate, m3/h 0.1 – 200
Inlet water TOC < 100 mgC/L
TOC removal efficiency, % 56 – 99 %
Micropollutants, phthalates removal efficiency, % 88 – 99 %
Disinfection efficiency >5 Log reduction
Color removal, % <1 NTU
Metal removal, % 74 – 97 %