Water deironing equipment

Water deironing equipment - The water devices we offer are extremely efficient because of how iron oxidizer is used ozone. Using ozone is not required additional, often even dangerous, effects on human health and the environment chemical material. This reduces the operating costs of the equipment, no special and often quite complicated maintenance is required, service time is reduced, and by automating the cleaning system, the user is free special knowledge can operate the device yourself.

Ozonation of drinking water together with inorganic pollutants can also easily remove organic compounds such as humic acids, antibiotic and pesticide residues, dyes. Processed in the system the water will be supplied to a special pressure filter in which the filter charge will be periodically flushed and regenerated, thus reducing the potential for the load itself replacement new. System operating modes (iron removal / pressure filter flushing) will be fully automated, so this will allow efficient management of the parameters of the cleaning process thus greatly reducing the maintenance costs required to maintain the unit itself. Created the facility is expected to achieve extremely low residual iron concentrations in the treated water - <0.05 mg / L

Pulp and paper industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Oil industry
Textile industry
Municipal water supply
Chemical industry
Electric supply
Metallurgic industry
Electronics industry
Fertilizer industry
Agriculture industry
Fish farms
Plastics industry
Rubber industry
Wood industry
Cosmetics industry
Meat processing industry
Furniture industry
Dyestuffs industry
Dairy industry
Flow rate, m3/h 0.1 – 200
Naftos perdirbimas 
Organiai junginiai, nafta ir jos produktai, sulfidai, azotas 
TOC removal efficiency, % 56 – 99 %
Micropollutants, phthalates removal efficiency, % 88 – 99 %
Disinfection efficiency >5 Log reduction
Color removal, % <1 NTU
Metal removal, % 74 – 97 %