Water purifiers for households

We offer water treatment systems for private households that remove salts, solids from water and perform additional disinfection from microbiology. The filter is also equipped with activated the carbon filter allows the removal of organic compounds from the water that are normal gives drinking water color and unpleasant taste. The device is compact and easy to adapt in every household. Contained in the device filters can be installed according to the performed water tests.

The device removes nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria and other compounds which may adversely affect the human body.

Pulp and paper industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Oil industry
Textile industry
Municipal water supply
Chemical industry
Electric supply
Metallurgic industry
Electronics industry
Fertilizer industry
Fish farms
Plastics industry
Rubber industry
Wood industry
Cosmetics industry
Meat processing industry
Furniture industry
Dyestuffs industry
Dairy industry
Flow rate, m3/h 0.1 – 200
Inlet water TOC < 100 mgC/L
TOC removal efficiency, % 56 – 99 %
Micropollutants, phthalates removal efficiency, % 88 – 99 %
Disinfection efficiency >5 Log reduction
Color removal, % <1 NTU
Metal removal, % 74 – 97 %